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Our Vision
At GreenHall Consultants we believe in complete client’s satisfaction. To get your career on the roll, call on our office to schedule a free counseling session with our counselors. To develop close ties between the cultures of Pakistan & United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Malaysia, Sweden, Thailand, China and more.

Our Mission
“Our team consists of highly dedicated and professional individuals with qualifications from highly recognized Foreign Universities. Furthermore, the entire team at GreenHall Consultants adopts a sincere approach when it comes to career counselling, in order to assist patrons as far as selecting an appropriate route for academic development is concerned.


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“Foreign Education Advisory Service”

GreenHall Consultants

Our Background

GreenHall Consultants started in 2009 with an aim to facilitate Pakistani students in their journey of studying abroad. Our vision is to emerge as an education consultancy that deeply understands the concerns of students.

How do we help our students?

GreenHall Consultants understands the struggles of many students who are willing to apply to study abroad in their dream universities. Pakistani students face a lot of problems and our team at GreenHall Consultants assists the applicants in the best way possible. From scholarship and VISA applications to interviews and accommodation arrangements, our team handles it all.

Our Goal

Students are in perpetual confusion of how to make it and where to go. Being the leading education consultant in Lahore, our primary goal is not only about maintaining your academic records. We assist our clients on their way for a valuable future. From organizing facilities such as providing scholarships for Pakistani students to lining up opportunities as per one’s abilities and requirements, we take care of everything. We analyze, scrutinize and pave the way for muddled students. Because we believe and understand that prosperity comes when we work together and better.

We take care of it all!

All those aiming to study abroad usually come across various problems while turning their dream into reality. We stand out among consultants in Lahore as we consider it our job and complete responsibility to cater our students with everything they need. From initial guidance and Visa application process to ensuring secure admission and accommodation facilities, GreenHall Consultants take charge of the whole procedure. Look nowhere else as we take your stress away!